Obstetrical Terms

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A routine screening test that evaluates the presence of premalignant or cancerous conditions of the cervix.
Local anesthetic for cervical dilatation.
Evaluation of the size of the birth canal or pelvis. Performed by X-ray.
Attack of a brief nature with possible short impairment of consciousness. Often associated with blinking or flickering of the eyelids and a mild twitching of the mouth.
Lipoprotein present when fetal lungs are mature.
Fat-containing phosphorous. The most important are lecithins and sphingomyelin, which are important in the maturation of fetal lungs before birth.
Anemia during pregnancy caused by an increase in the amount of plasma (fluid) in the blood compared to the number of cells in the blood.
Organ inside the uterus that is attached to the baby by the umbilical cord. Essential during pregnancy for growth and development of the embryo and fetus.
Placenta that attaches to muscle of uterus.
Placenta that grows into muscle of uterus.
Placenta that penetrates muscle of uterus.
Low attachment of the placenta, covering or very close to the cervix.
Premature separation of the placenta from the uterus.
Abnormally large growth of the placenta during pregnancy.
Inflammation of the lungs.
Mild depression after delivery.
Depression after delivery.
Bleeding greater than 15 ounces (450ml) at time of delivery.
Combination of symptoms significant to pregnancy, including high blood pressure, edema, swelling and changes in reflexes.
Baby born before 37 weeks.
Delivery before 37 weeks gestation.
Describes which part of the baby comes into the birth canal first.
Protein in urine.
Itching during pregnancy.
Bony prominence in the pelvic bone found in the midline. Landmark from which the doctor often measures during pregnancy to follow growth of the uterus.
Blood clot from another part of the body that travels to the lungs. Can cause closed passages in the lungs and decrease oxygen exchange.
Serious kidney infection.