Office Non-Stress Testing and Biophysical Profiles

A Non-Stress Test, or "NST", is a procedure where a heart monitor is used to listen to and record a baby's heartbeat.  The "tracing" that is recorded can then be examined by an obstetrician for reassurance of the unborn baby's good health. Patterns of the tracing can give clues as to how much fluid is around the baby, whether the baby is getting enough oxygen and nutrition, or if the baby is growing adequately. Many lives have been saved by this simple test.

A biophysical profile incorporates NST and ultrasound technology to provide a clearer picture of an unborn baby's health.  Biophysical profiling is usually performed when the results of an NST are unclear.  The procedure involves using ultrasound to view the baby's movements and fluid levels.  Combined with NST results, these observations can help the physician determine whether the baby needs to be delivered earlier than planned.