High-Risk Pregnancies

Obstetricians and gynecologists spend a significant portion of their training in High Risk Obstetrics (Perinatology). This includes training in common as well as unusual complications of pregnancy. Our physicians have experience managing diabetes in pregnancy (including gestational diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes). Other common high-risk pregnancies managed include multiple gestations (such as twins or triplets), toxemia (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension), fetal growth restriction, low or high fluid, and many others.

High risk pregnancies, also known as Maternal-Fetal Medicine, or MFM, may include:  advanced maternal age, previous pregnancy history, current or history of various medial conditions including diabetes, genetic disorders, drug use, alcoholism, and various complications that may arise during pregnancy.  Sometimes it is in the patient's best interest  to be evaluated further or receive care for the duration of the pregnancy at a high risk facility.  Some situations can be “co-managed” between our office and a high risk clinic.  The facility at which delivery takes place will be determined with safety considerations in mind.