Cesarean Deliveries

Delivery of your child by cesarean section may result in a slightly longer recovery time. Your incision may have been closed with stitches underneath the skin or with stainless steel staples. If you are released from the hospital with the staples still in place, please call the office for their removal five to seven days after surgery.

The first two weeks following cesarean section are most crucial for a speedy recovery. During this time, you should limit your activity by avoiding heavy lifting, pushing or shoving. Climbing stairs will not present a problem as long as it is not done to excess. After two weeks, you may gradually increase your activity, including a light exercise program.

You may experience some drainage from the incision. This is due to collection of body fluids within the incision and is no cause for concern. Application of hot compresses to the area will speed up the healing. Should the area become red, hot, or swollen, please notify the office.