11-14 Week Visit

What to expect at your visit:

At this point in your pregnancy, we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat by placing a small listening device, called a Doppler, on your abdomen. We also measure your abdomen to make sure the uterus is growing appropriately. At this point in the pregnancy (11-14 weeks), there is a blood test done to check for Down Syndrome and spina bifida. This test , which has become standard practice for many years, checks 4 different chemicals in your blood. These results and other information, such as age, weight, and race, are input into the lab's computer and a risk assessment for Down Syndrome (DS) and neural tube defects, also known as spina bifida, is given. We consider a risk for DS greater than 1 in 270 to be positive. The only sure way to rule out DS is with amniocentesis and this may be recommended as the next step. If you will be 35 years of age or older when the baby is born, we may discuss skipping this blood test and proceeding directly with amniocentesis.

Normal symptoms:

While your baby has been moving since as early as 8 weeks, you should now be able to feel its movements.