Complex Urodynamic Studies

If you are struggling with Urinary Incontinence—bladder leakage caused by physical stress, sudden urges, or functional difficulties—then we don’t need to tell you how inconvenient and potentially embarrassing this problem can be. You have a busy schedule to keep up with, and making time to cope with urinary incontinence shouldn’t take the number one spot on your agenda.

Fortunately, Complex Urodynamic Studies are not as “complicated” as they sound! Your physician and staff are experts at conducting these procedures in our private, comfortable exam rooms without causing you any additional discomfort or anxiety. Whether your situation calls for simple observation or more precise measurements, the staff at Wooster OBGYN is equipped to diagnose and determine the cause of your urinary incontinence.

You can trust our experienced physicians to offer the best possible treatments for your specific situation—meaning you can look forward to achieving safe, lasting relief from your bladder leakage and sudden urges. Don’t keep letting your bladder call the shots—contact our office today to set up a consultation.