Transferring Care Mid-Pregnancy: Now What?

"I'm calling because I'm pregnant and I need to find a new Obstetrician."

It's a statement we hear fairly often from moms-to-be who are feeling stressed because a move or other circumstance has forced them to interrupt their prenatal care mid-pregnancy and begin the search for a new physician. Here at Wooster OB/GYN, we want to help alleviate the anxiety associated with having to change physicians mid-pregnancy. If you do find yourself looking for a new health care provider after establishing care elsewhere, there are a few things you can do:

  • Call our office. We will ask you a few simple questions to get you established in our patient data base. This way any records existing at your previous provider's office can be transferred to us and immediately connected to your chart.
  • Call the office of the provider who took care of you first. Even if you just visited a hospital emergency room and had an ultrasound performed showing a pregnancy, those records are a vital component of your overall prenatal care record. Ask your previous provider to transfer your records to our office. They can mail them to us or simply fax them to 330-345-2236. You may be asked to sign a release of medical information form before your records are sent to us. This is routine procedure and is meant to protect your privacy.
  • Once your records are received by our office, the physician will review them carefully for consideration for transfer. If the physician can see no medical reason why you should not transfer care, he or she will give a staff member the message to call you and schedule your first appointment at Wooster OB/GYN.


We are excited that you have chosen to continue your prenatal care with us! We know how stressful transferring care mid-pregnancy can be, and we will take every measure to help you feel relaxed and secure about your decision. At your initial visit with us, our nurse will want to spend some extra time with you, discussing your pregnancy so far and going over what you can expect next. So plan to be with us just a little longer than usual on that first visit--we don't want to rush through this important transition.

We look forward to your call--and to getting to know you!