Gynecology FAQ

At age 21, or younger if you become sexually active.

Annually.  After several normal pap smears, your doctor may decide not to do a Pap test every year.  However, you should still have the rest of the gynecological examination. If your Paps were always normal before the hysterectomy, you should have a gynecological exam every year and a Pap test every three to five years.

If you have an infectious illness, we will NOT  bring you into the office to see your OB doctor.  Your doctor will want to know what your symptoms are.  Depending on your symptoms, you may be advised to see your primary care physician.  We have other pregnant women and newborns in the office every day, and we would not want to expose them to an illness.

Take it as soon as you remember, and take the next pill at the regular time.  This means you may be taking two pills in one day.  You may also have some spotting as a result of forgetting the first pill.

Avoid intercourse until you call the office or your pharmacy for directions on how to continue your pills.  Refer to the package insert that comes with your pills.  You may have irregular spotting for a month.

Some pills and the Nuvaring can be used to manipulate the timing of your period IF you start at least 2-3 months  before your trip.  Skipping the fourth week of pills and starting a new pack or inserting a new Nuvaring at the end of the 3rd week instead of the 4th week can often accomplish this.  Call the office to individualize a plan with your doctor.

YES!  It is also very important to take it with a full glass of water.  If you take your pill with just sips of water, the pill will start to dissolve in the esophagus, not the stomach, which can limit absorption.  Therefore, you may not get the full benefit of the pill.  Also, do not take your birth control pill at the same time you take other medications or over the counter supplements.  Taking them all at the same time may interfere with the absorption process of your birth control pill.

The most common side effect are nausea and spotting, especially during the first one to three months. Missed pills can also increase side effects.

Yes.  Use a back up birth control method for the first cycle pack.

Take the missed pill as soon as possible.  If you did not notice until the next day, take both pills at once.  You may have some irregular spotting, but continue the pill as normal.  The spotting may continue for a month until your hormones level out.

It can be.  Depending on what birth control you are on, it can be normal for you to have a very short period, a very light period, or none at all.

It is recommended that you get your first mammogram between the ages of 35 and 40.  This will be used as a baseline with which to compare all future mammograms.  A yearly mammogram is recommended after the age of 40,  along with a breast exam done by your physician.

Bone Density Screening is normally recommended every 2-3 years after menopause.

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